Ken Pears, a fencing contractor based in Nelson has been using the Daveles smart posts for nearly 2 years.

He says the drop wire part of the design had a big appeal to him and is one of the main reasons he chooses to build with Daveles posts.

“You can run a whole fence and just clip all the wires in and put the drop wire down, if you wanna move them it’s very easy to do so.”

He says the ease of assembly makes the posts perfect for temporary fences because of how easy they can be moved and rebuilt.

“Definitely saves time and the big thing for me is that it saves the wire as well.”

The posts reduces the amount of wire that Ken has to replace, due to the drop wire design.

“I like is that you don’t have rusting of the wires and also less chance of getting the wires twisted, it’s very easy to rectify. “

With the wires not having to be thread through the posts, there isn’t the friction between the wires and posts where they are thread through. This reduces the chance of rusting.

Ken says working with these posts as a contractor for lifestyle blocks, it’s their ease of installation really comes in handy.

“If you’re moving fences or have a break in the line this is where these posts come in to their own.”


Doug Haven runs Haven Contracting, a small business based in North Canterbury. He says it’s been three years since he was introduced to Daveles fence posts. “When Les first approached us, he gave us half a dozen to try, which I tried round at my own place, and then we’ve used them on various jobs as needed.” Haven says the Daveles fence post is an improvement on traditional fencing, and makes things easier.“He’s sort of just improved the product, as we’ve gone from being sort of fairly heavy-duty posts to much stronger steel and sort of thinner and more suitable, they’re easier to get into the ground and they kind of make them up for us as we need them, whatever the y-spacings need to be.” Daveles fence posts boast quick installation times, which saves the farmer money.“Let’s say you were going to bang in a hundred posts, it might take you eight hours on the tractor, it’ll probably take you five hours, if that, banging these in. At fifty bucks an hour as a pose to a hundred and thirty dollars an hour, there’s quite a saving there for the customer at the end of it.” For Doug, the benefits are obvious. “You don’t need a post driver to put them in, so you can eliminate a tractor and a big post driver at a hundred and thirty bucks an hour. You either need someone fairly fit to either bang them in by hand, or you can use a petrol powered Waratah machine to bang them in. In terms of job, it is quicker to put them in than normal fencing, because the system that the netting puts into is you just push it back and drop a wire down the back once you get the hang of it. In tricky places, when you’re struggling to get a post-driver or tractor in under trees or something they work really well, because you don’t need all that extra room. They’ve certainly got their pluses … They don’t rust or rot or anything, so they’re pretty permanent.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s small farms, big farms or lifestyle blocks, Doug recommends Daveles as an option for his customers.