Daveles is a registered Trademark for Daveles Ltd, and is supported by our associated company Smartweld ltd.

Daveles was set up to design/manufacture and distribute new products to meet the needs for various markets. Once we have a concept for a new product we then manufacture tooling and/or machinery to manufacture the product on site in Christchurch.

Background of the Daveles post

Farm fencing is one area where our product can fulfil a niece market while saving the installer precious time that could be spent on other work thus adding to their bottom line.

The added advantage is the contoured shape of our post, this captivates netting/wire to substantially reduce the risk of stock damage by eliminating sharp wire edges used in traditional fence tying.

This type of fencing can also help eliminate the need to use timber battens that cause fencing wire to corrode through leaching on the areas of contact.

There are many uses for this versatile product, for example; lifestyle blocks, fruit growers, road barriers, temporary fencing, livestock, farm fence repairs and new fencing.

The options are too numerous to mention…

Corey Cooke
National Sales Manager
027 270 4646

Les Mitchell
Managing Director
+64 27 2209 003