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Daveles Steel Fence Posts

Welcome to Daveles LTD, we develop solutions that suit the needs of all kinds of people including agriculture. We manufacture our unique patent pending rigid steel post design that is structurally sound, long lasting, easily installed and reusable

We are backed by our very experienced associated Engineering company, “Smartweld Ltd”. Who have successfully operated in Canterbury over the last 10 years. Providing “Simplified Solutions” for various sectors of industry.

We pride ourselves on been a very customer focused company and we try to meet all of our customer’s requirements.


We offer the market a rigid steel post design that is structurally sound, long lasting, easily installed and reusable Waratah or Y-posts.If you need to support or add too an existing draw wire or netting fence, this can be done with our customized “slot option” specific to your requirements.The “Daveles post” design will complement both new and existing wire/netting fencing.No need to unnecessarily cut or thread either type of fence application on installation.Saving time and money for the contractor or property owner!

Patents pending in NZ/AUST. Design registrations in NZ/AUST.

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Daveles has been featured in the Business Rural Magazine. Check it out!


Daveles outrigger and extension options

Daveles provide options for attaching hot wires to the posts

Daveles for Boundary Fences

Daveles tall posts are available for boundary fencing. With more emphasis on Health and Safety recently, preventing un-authorised access to farm land is more critical. Using 13/190 wire on boundaries is proving more popular and Daveles 2.1m, 2.4m and 2.6m posts provide a fast and economical solution.


We can ship internationally! That’s right, we can deliver to both Australia and New Zealand, no quantity is too large or small.

Our plant and team have the capacity to supply bulk orders and currently supply nationwide. This also means we have the capability to supply FCL to the Australian market.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.